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DeviceAlliance: MedTech Radio

Nov 16, 2020

Medical device marketing teams are facing unprecedented times as we close out in 2020. 
As companies emerge from COVID-19 constraints, marketing teams are struggling to refocus their respective work roles and manage the transition back to the workplace.  The challenges that marketing teams are facing are more daunting this year than ever. Product launches have been delayed, sales have been lost, and trade shows have been canceled.  We’re coming into business planning time and marketing teams will be forced to reckon with the usual “do more with less while at the same time achieving exponential growth” pressures.  Only this year, there’s more pressure than ever as teams look at how they can make up for lost time and dollars while managing supplier and manufacturing issues and other critical gaps in infrastructure.
Medical device companies have an opportunity to play a role in helping the hospitals solve these challenges that are bigger than the price of the device. By providing needed value-added services and support for hospitals that help address challenges such as infection control, patient throughput, and emergency room wait times, medical device companies can position themselves as indispensable partners.

In this episode of DeviceAlliance’s Medtech Radio, we speak with the Founder of Bloom Creative, Svetla Kibota.  Svetla has more than twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and medical technology sectors. She's managed a breadth of medical brands and spearheaded numerous product launches.  Prior to founding Bloom Creative, she led the marketing and client services teams at Lathian Health, an interactive medical marketing and medical education agency where she helped recruit clinicians to various digital campaigns. Before that, she worked across Europe and the U.S. for Gilead Sciences and Applied Medical Devices, in both marketing and sales roles.  Join us as we discuss...

- Essential marketing strategize for Medtech companies
- Pivoting from volume to value
- The empowered patient model of marketing
- Branding for 2021 and beyond
- The impact of stories over facts
- Optimizing digital communication tools