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DeviceAlliance: MedTech Radio

Jan 11, 2022

Your Medtech brand is not something an agency gives to you. Nor is it something you buy. Your brand is defined by the relationship you have with your customers, and it’s shaped by the messages you send and the response those messages elicit.  Getting the attention of busy physicians and hospital executives is more challenging than ever for medical device manufacturers across the globe. Doctors are busier and have less time to see patients, let alone talk to a sales representative. Successful medical device marketers have learned how to harness the power of digital to achieve their key objectives.

In this episode of DeviceAlliance’s Medtech Radio, we speak with Chief Operating Officer of TMG360 Media, Kristy Kennedy. TMG360 Media is a Medtech media company focusing on exclusive editorial coverage to influence mainstream media, policymakers, emerging companies, strategics, investors, payers and providers, clinicians, and consumers. Join us as we discuss

-  The biggest changes medical device companies must consider for their marketing strategies
-  The new outlook on social media
-  How the empowered patient will impact consumerization of Medtech
-  Adding value beyond the device
-  How upstream and downstream marketing has impacted sales
And much more!